Exploring your body


Lots of people have insecurities about their genitals: “Is it too big or too small?” “Is it too hairy or hairless?” “Is it too tight or too loose?”

This definitely can affect how “sexy” they feel. The good news is, no matter how our bodies are made, we can each experience desire and arousal. It’s something that some might learn through masturbation—when one explores the body by touching and playing with it. People use hands, vibrators, sex toys, and other tools to get to know their body sexually without a partner, by themselves.

Lots of people think that penises, clitorises, and vaginas are the key to having a great sex life. Sorry to disappoint you, but the most powerful sexual organ is your brain. How you think and feel about your sexual self is much more important than any physical technique someone can teach you.

There are many great websites where you can learn more about this and figure out for yourself what feels right for you. Check out BishUK.com’s manual on masturbation, touching, arousal, orgasms, and sex. We highly recommend their tips and tricks.

Masturbation is a personal choice and decision—if you’re not feeling it or prefer not to, that’s fine, too.