Sharing with a boyfriend or girlfriend


Are you interested in ways you can share your condition or your body with a boyfriend, girlfriend, or partner? Do you want to share a lot—or not much at all? Check out our section Taking the Wheel- In Your Relationships [Link to TTW-IYR] for more on how to share.

Also, we realize that not everyone shares with a boyfriend or girlfriend at the same time. Some people talk about their condition when sex comes up—whether it deals with birth control or genitals. Other people bring it up at an earlier time. And others don’t bring it up at all, or not until a relationship gets serious.

How you share and who you share with is 100% your choice—you don’t expect your boyfriend or girlfriend to share everything about themselves and their body when you just start dating. Some things come up naturally. Other things you might only rarely talk about. It just comes down to how much you want to share and when you are ready.