In your care

Chances are, your doctors are pediatricians and they’ve spoken about ‘adult doctors you can go to, when the time comes’. Although you may not feel like it entirely, you start becoming an adult in the eyes of medical care from 12 to 18. Now is the time to take the wheel and learn how you can care for yourself and your body. When you are a bit older, you will ‘transition’ to adult care. When that time comes, you will be in charge of getting the right care for you, and it’s important to practice now so you know what to keep in mind, what care you need, what decisions you can make, and who you can go to.

This section is dedicated to some things you might encounter. It includes useful information as well as stories of young people like you who are going through similar changes.

Remember: each person is different. What is right for one person may not be right for someone else. The most important thing is to understand the risks and benefits to you in every decision you make, and that’s what we want to share.

Decisions with DSD

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