With your friends

Your life is changing—it’s exciting and scary. You probably share most of it with your friends.

But, chances are that you don’t talk to of your friends about EVERYTHING going on in your life. Maybe with your siblings you talk about your parents. Maybe with teammates you talk about your coach and your sport. Maybe with your best friend you tell who you “like.” And you have friends that you go to talk about other ‘stuff’ like periods, shaving, kissing, and growing taller.

The topics of hormones or gonads or chromosomes are probably not ones that usually “pop up” with your friends.

So, where does your condition and body fit in? Do you talk about it with anyone? Who would that be? When? And how would you do it? Do you need to tell them everything?

We want to give some tips on how you can integrate your condition into your life. We’ve been there, and we want to share what has helped us, the words we use, and the ways we’ve shared with others.

You aren’t alone—we’re here, cheering you on.