Step 4: planning some ‘you’ time

It’s important to figure out when to dilate. Some people prefer the warm and quiet of mornings, while others prefer afternoons or evenings. Having a private space with a lock on the door can help.

Figure out what works best for you—put on your favorite show on Netflix. Feel as relaxed as possible and keep breathing. You can put on some good music, turn off the lights, light a candle, put on something soft, and let your mind relax.Screen Shot 2016-03-06 at 11.52.37 AM

Time-wise, most people recommend around 30 minutes to dilate. Some people prefer to do it for a shorter span and do it twice a day, to speed up the process.

Figure out what works for you and get into a good pattern.

Below are two issues we’ve dealt with when dilating. Click for suggestions on how to manage them:

It’s hard to find the time to dilate

We are all very busy, and no doubt it is difficult to find the time. In general, we have worked in dilation at the beginning or end of the day. It can become part of your morning or evening routine, kind of like brushing your teeth and washing your face. Try dilating a couple of different times during the day and see what time works best for you.

I share a room or just don’t have a lot of privacy.

Whether you are in university/college and share a room or you are at home and it is just awkward to ask for space to dilate, we’ve been there. When this has happened to is, we find that night times, mornings, and fluffy blankets and covers are excellent tools.

If you are sharing a room at college/university, see what time your roommate is in class or is out, and try to plan dilation when they are out. Sometimes, roommates use a signal for privacy in the room (like a sock on the door.) You could see about developing some kind of privacy signal for you and your roommate, too.

If it is just too hard to plan around other schedules or you are at home, try dilating in the morning or at night, while watching a movie or TV show (hello, Netflix!) Dilation isn’t loud and with a pile of covers and lights off, it can be easy to hide, in case of emergency.

Also, when cleaning dilators, try using wet wipes that are meant for the genitals—they are great ways to clean and sanitize the dilators without taking them to a washbasin/sink in your dorm or house.

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