At the doctor’s office/clinic


There are different kinds of doctors. Here are a few you might know:

  • Some help with general problems (like the flu or an infection)—Your “general practitioner” (GP) or “family doctor.”
  • Some help with hormones—Endocrinologists.
  • Some help with how you feel about things—Psychologists.
  • Some help with the genitals—Urologists and Gynecologists.
  • Some look at genes—Geneticists and genetic counselors.

In the US (and some other countries), young people often get a ‘check-up’ just to make sure everything is going well.

Childhood and puberty are important times to see the doctor. Our bodies are changing so much. That’s why many of your friends and classmates are going to the doctor too. Regular check-ups and appointments make sure your body is growing and healthy.page_doctorconfidence

We know that for some kids—like those in the UK—going to clinic or hospitals only happens if there is more of a reason. If you tell your friends, “I’m going to get a check up,” they may want to know why. We get it, and we hear you that it can be a hard thing to navigate.

First up, we are talking about timing of your appointments.

For those of you interested in care with the gonads, hormones, or genitals, please click here.