Your brain and mind

We’ve talked a lot about what happens to your body at puberty. But we could never page_brainforget the most important part: Your mind.

During puberty, your brain changes and grows. Your mind learns more easily, thinks harder, and makes more connections.

Hormones are part of the changes going on in your body, your mind, and how you feel.

Have you ever wondered why you get frustrated or get into a mood? Your mind has growing pains of its own, just like ones you feel from your growing bones. The hormones that are helping your mind develop might also be part of the moods and differences you feel.

You are thinking more deeply. And, your feelings probably are changing, too. At puberty, we think in new ways about what we like, who we like, and who we are.

Puberty and growing up seems fun, but we know that sometimes it feels kind of weird.

For some people, puberty is really challenging and difficult. Some people don’t like or feel comfortable with the ways the body is changing, and it’s something that can happen to anyone. For those of us who have gone through this and felt uncomfortable or challenged, many of us found people to talk to about it—school nurses, doctors, trusted friends, and sometimes even our parents. You never have to go through these changes alone.