Step 2: getting the right accessories

Some of us might receive a dilation set at the clinic, however we have found some other accessories that have helped us through the process.

  • Screen Shot 2016-03-06 at 11.52.10 AMWhat kind of dilators should I get? Dilation kits come in different colors, different materials (plastic and silicone) and different sizes (some longer/wider, some smaller/shorter.) Pick a set that makes you feel the most comfortable. We suggest taking a loo at the multi-color silicon set of dilators from this company Pure Romance silicone dilators.
  • How do I take care of the dilators? Make sure to wash the dilator before and after using them with gentle soap. Some of us have used baby-wipes to clean them, as well.
  • What kind of lubricant should I get? The water-based lubricants, like KY lubricant or Astroglide, seem to work better and also work well with condoms. If you aren’t using condoms, you can use coconut oil or an oil-based lubricant.
  • Can you use estrogen cream? Doctors in some countries give a prescription for vaginal estrogen cream as directed, maybe a couple days or weeks before you start. When you start dilating, you can also use the cream as lubrication and put it at the tip of the dilator. Many doctors think this may help the tissue stretch because estrogen can improve elasticity of skin. Even if you are taking HRT, using the vaginal cream might be a good way to specifically target the V area. Talk to your doctor to see if this might be right for you.
  • A Warm Washcloth: Before using a dilator, cover it with the warm washcloth to help it warm up or warm it with your hands. This will make it more comfortable and help you relax.

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