The three directions

Chances are, in the biology class, teachers talk lots about 3 directions your body gives as a baby and during puberty.

  1. Two Chromosomes (X and Y)
  2. Gonads (Testes/Ovaries)
  3. Hormones (T and E)

Remember: This is not a complete picture

Guys and girls can have variations of all these directions. What matters is how someone’s body responds to those directions. They are pieces that help your body grow as you.

If you are unsure of how your body responds, go back to the Puberty section and to Your condition section so you can put together what’s happening for you.

Each body—with a different sex development path or not—grows in a unique way. Penises are different sizes and shapes, as are noses, faces, bottoms, legs, as well as vaginas, labias and clitorises! Just from looking on the outside at people walking down the street, it’s near impossible to tell what directions helped that person develop.