Sharing with other guys

“Hey, you’re getting hairy!” “You stink!”

“Brian, your voice just cracked.”

“My dick is getting huge. I ‘pitched a tent’ in class.”

“I really like that girl—should I go for it?” 

“Dude, I got a huge bag of condoms yesterday. What size are you? A Magnum?”

“Hey shrimp—when are you gonna get taller?”

“Oh man, I have to shave every day—but I like my scruff. Do you even shave, baby face?”

So, the heart-to-heart conversations girls seem to have about puberty seem to happen less with guys. Sure we talk about it, but it’s usually one-liners and quick questions and stories.

No two guys goes through puberty exactly the same way. And that’s hard. Some guys can be rude, insensitive, and macho—especially in groups. And some guys just don’t talk about it at all.

If you don’t want to share with your guy friends, they might not share much with you either. That’s totally cool.

But, let’s say some guy is being rude about the changes of your body. You can always say, “No worries—I’ll catch up soon.”

If you’re short, look at Daniel Radcliffe—he’s a huge movie star and five and a half feet tall (or 1.66 m)

And, if you’re worried about your penis size or pubic hair, remember that you don’t have to say anything at all. Lots of the time, the guys who are making fun of others are the ones who feel insecure about something themselves.

Here is an important fact to know: When your friends are boasting (and remember often that is all it is!) about being close to a girl or a partner, or about ‘giving them a good time’, know that your hands, your mind, your mouth, your thoughtfulness, your kindness, your body and what you do with it are all much more important than the size of your genitals, seriously.

For more on dealing with growing up, guys, penises, etc, we recommend the BISH site for more information and some great discussion, especially for guys 14 and older. We also have some information on this site in the Taking the Wheel section  for people 14 and older.