Swimming and birth control with no periods

1. Periods in the swimming pool

Your friend: “Have you ever tried a tampon? I’m wanting to go swimming and I don’t know if a tampon is right for me.”

Your answer: “I’ve never tried a tampon or swam with a period—sorry! Oh, our Betsy tried it and she could help! Have you talked to you Mom about it? She might know a lot.”

2. Suppressing periods with a pill

Your friend: “My period is so irregular and hurts so much. I’m thinking about going on the pill. Do you take one? What do you think?”

Your answer: “I think our friend Amanda is, and she might know more than I do. I’m not on it so I’m not really sure. Have you talked to your Mom about it? She might know a lot, too.”

Remember, everyone has different experience with a period (and without them, too.) It’s always okay to say, “I don’t know.”