Is the time or person right?

People have their first relationships at many different times—some start early and others begin in late high school, university, and beyond.

It may feel like a race, but it’s not! Enjoy where you are.

  1. Are you ready to share your heart with someone else? You may feel pressure to start dating—from friends, family, movies. Don’t start dating just because you are afraid of being single.
  2. Is someone right for you? To know if someone is right for you, get to know them! Do fun things together. Talk about what you like to do, where you like to travel, who you are, and what you don’t like.


Find out if there is a real connection and trust your instincts! Relationships change. It is important to admit to yourself and your partner when things aren’t working out. It’s hard to end a relationship in a respectful way, and it’s important to be honest with your boyfriend or girlfriend.

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