Taking photos

Some hospitals and doctors ask for photos of a person’s body. This may be to get the advice of doctors who aren’t in the room, and to check and keep an accurate record of how your body is growing. If you are asked, you can request a clear and detailed explanation and decide whether you want and agree to this.

It is not a good idea to make yourself agree to something just to please your doctor, if you feel uncomfortable in any way. A good doctor will always respect your feelings. If it feels uncomfortable, say “I don’t feel comfortable about this; can we not do it this time?”.

An exam is just something that doctors may recommend, and you can always say Yes or No to it.

Some questions to ask

1. How will the photo help me and my body?
2. Who will see it?
3. Will my name be on it?
4. What if I feel uncomfortable after? Who can I talk to?
5. How will it be kept safe? Can it be removed if I request?
6. What if I change my mind – can I have it back including all copies?
7. Are there any photos of me already, perhaps when I was younger? Can I see them?

If you do agree to photos, you have the right to say how they can and cannot be used. Write it down, sign it, and have it put in your medical record.