The JLC issue

When people talk about DSD, teachers and doctors have mentioned Jamie Lee Curtis—an American actress who has never confirmed if she has a DSD.

First of all, we believe everyone has the right to decide how open they want to be with their condition.

Many of us are upset that doctors and teachers talk about her—if it’s not true, it was just a rumor. If it is true, then it’s a huge invasion of her privacy.

This is really complicated.

Instead of getting upset at people who talk about JLC, we encourage you to share articles, shows, and YouTube videos of people who have decided to share their condition online and with the world, people like:

A final word about modeling and DSDs

Sometimes doctors say that lots of people with DSD become models. And, the makers of this website actually do know some models with bodies and conditions like ours—no joke! However, there are also lots of us who aren’t tall enough to become models or who just don’t go down that path. We also know many people with our conditions who become doctors, lawyers, business men and women, go into the armed forces, and other exciting professions! So, it’s important to stop generalizing, and start getting excited by the variety of our heights, bodies, and stories.