Is it private or a secret?

We all find out about our body at different times and in different ways. You should take time to learn about it yourself before sharing with others.

Some parents or even doctors might encourage us to wait to tell people at first.

It is not a “secret” if you choose not to tell people until you are ready. A wise young woman with a DSD once said: “Not everyone deserves to know the story—it’s our story and we get to decide who knows and how much.”

Think of this as something private, rather than a secret. The same way some women don’t tell everyone when they are on their period or if they can’t have kids, you can always choose to keep private about this. You can also share with anyone you want, when the time feels right for you.

It’s completely okay to take a lot of time to learn about this and think about what it means to you before sharing. Whatever you choose to do, you are still you, and you have plenty of time to share whenever you want to!