Sharing what’s on your mind (& heart)

Talking to doctors and psychologists about what is happening and how you are feeling isn’t just important—it is the most important thing

To care about you as a whole person, they are interested in hearing how you’re doing, your hopes and dreams, and any worries that you may have. It’s not easy to share what’s on your mind, and sometimes we are not sure exactly what we think or feel. That’s fine. Use the input to have a better understanding of yourself – mind and body —Take advantage of your care.

You are unique, so we can’t predict what will happen at your medical visits. Here are just some of the things some of us may discuss with their DSD doctors and psychologists.

  • page_doctorconfidence‘How can I explain my condition to my friends?’
  • ‘How is my body growing and what does my condition mean?’
  • ‘Why are these treatments recommended? How could they make mefeel?’
  • ‘Why do they teach biology class and sex development as so simple in biology class when it is so much more complicated?’
  • ‘Where can I meet others with similar bodies, conditions, and concerns as me?’