Most doctors work during the day, this is why you may have to go to the doctor during school hours, just like your friends may too. Your school will understand. Your friends may not pay any attention. Going to the dentist or the doctor is not so unusual.

If you really don’t want to leave school for appointments, try asking for an appointment after school. Talk to your parents who may be able to help.

Some young people even take a day off when they go to the doctor’s office or dentist—just like friends who have a stomach bug or the flu or a family event. Talk with your parent about what feels right for you both.

Although it might not seem like it, kids do go to the doctor or dentist more than you think.

Try not to be embarrassed, scared, or too annoyed by it. It’s an important way to make sure you are growing and healthy.

It’s also a way you take charge of your body. And, when you go, you are showing your family that you can take care of yourself—you are becoming more responsible for yourself and more mature.

Why do I sometimes have to see doctors that are far away and take a long time to travel to see?

How long it takes to get to a doctor depends on what sort of care you need. Some doctors are general (a family doctor or GP) and others are very specialized in one area of the body. When you need more specific advice, it is worthwhile to see a specialist, or sometimes a team of different kinds of doctors. There are far fewer of those, so the nearest or best specialist or team might be far away from you.